The Cutting Edge

Every six years, I get a new computer. At least, that’s the pattern that’s held since I got my first computer in 1999. This year will be different, and not for want of money—I’ve been gainfully employed since May, thank God. This year, the cutting edge is dull. I’ve always bought Apple computers because Mac […]

Dawn of the Donald

Last August I posted the following on Facebook: You may not like the Donald, but he is well and truly the president we deserve. No other candidate has ever embodied so perfectly our national traits and laid bare so exquisitely our mythologies. He’s a real estate scion who presents himself as a self-made man. Even […]

Election 2016 Narrative Roundup

Beer vs wine Guns vs snark Rage vs angst Id vs superego Rural vs urban Serfs vs lords Idiom vs jargon Orange vs apple Shame vs guilt Steel vs silicon Labor vs capital Native vs foreign Heartland vs coasts Outsider vs insider Populism vs elitism Builders vs bankers Laypeople vs experts Christianity vs Islam Crudity […]

History, repeating

Americans taking Brits to task over Brexit is the height of hypocrisy. Have we really forgotten our national creation myth, or is it that the self-righteous simply have no use for irony? The founders of our country left the English mainland in search of religious freedom. Their scrappy, freedom-loving descendants secured their independence from the […]


The New Yorker: “Sanders has a good sense of satire, but not always a good ear for when satire turns to contempt.” In other words, he’s not always nice. In life and especially in politics, we all have our Faustian bargains to make. For the Clinton supporter, that means accepting that Hillary’s support for women […]

Millennial militarism

Lena Dunham on Hillary Clinton: “Of course I recognize that Hillary’s not perfect. She’s been working hard in the public eye for a long time and she’s made mistakes. It would be weird if she hadn’t. She’s repeatedly said that her greatest regret is her vote for the war in Iraq, and I agree that […]

Let It Bern

Dear Democrats, reluctant Democrats, and left-leaning Independents, I write today not to “tell you how to vote,” but to ask you to consider voting for Bernie Sanders in your state’s Democratic Primary (New York’s is RIGHT NOW). The case for Bernie exists apart from the case against his opponent(s), and it’s best stated as a […]